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What do the snakes think if being in a bun?

oh they’re just content as can be, they like to sleep like that

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Posted on 24 July, 2014

ourosboros tattoo design commission!

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Posted on 23 July, 2014

commission for Medusa! i wanted to draw a pretty Medusa with a fancy snake bun

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Posted on 23 July, 2014

another mersona commission! i

interested in seeing yourself as a mermaid, lamia, taur, fawn, harpy or any mythical creature? slots are open! information here

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Posted on 23 July, 2014


commissions are open! for more information check out my info page here!

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Posted on 22 July, 2014
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mersona commission for the glorious jazmine!

for mersona information click here

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Posted on 22 July, 2014

pastel Athena for sketch dailies, goddess of war and looking fab

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Posted on 18 July, 2014

old rusty iron giant for a late sketch dailies

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Posted on 18 July, 2014

Commission for the hawthorn crown! check out their story here.

Posted on 17 July, 2014

I know this may sound kinda stupid, but after you finish the comission do you just post it on here or do you send the original drawing/painting to the recipient? Plus how is the paying going to be made? Thanks so much :)

Hi! No thats a good question, i post my commissions on here after i recieve payment and have sent the file to the client, i dont generally mail drawings or painting since i do most of my commissions in photoshop aside from watercolour painted ones which i finish in photoshop, therefore there isnt usually a hard copy to mail. As for payment i prefer email money transfers to paypal.

Posted on 13 July, 2014